Flight Shows

From April until the end of October we provide two flight shows per day

(please notice, that the park is closed on Monday!):

They start either at 11:30 or 4 o’clock and are included in the entrance fee. In addition, we offer a owl tour at 2 o’clock. Enjoy 45 - 60 minutes to see a fascinating group of animals.

We will explain and show you the different behavior of several hunting birds, which is interesting for people of every age.

Share the fascination for these birds with us and learn about natural relationships!

Especially children will like the end of the show, when they get the chance to experience a good and cute friend and partner of the hunting birds.


It is our main concern though, that all those birds are no circus animals! 

They have a special relationship to their falconer you will show and explain their natural habits.



And at the end of the show, little ones are 


We are explaining and showing you several different hunting birds. The show is interesting for people of any age. We have a serious program to share a facination for these birds with you.


At the end of each show, children have the chance to experience with a good friend of the hunting birds. Very cute ...


It is important to recognize, that our birds are no circus animals. We are showing natural habits of our birds. The birds and their falconer have a very special relationship.


Enjoy the world of our hunting birds and owls and experience a nice day in our park.