Our Park






Rest Area




Our park is build for everyone. You can enjoy the park, the birds and our nice views to our town and to the black forest with every handicap.

Our elevators are lifting you up more than 45 feet and gives you the possibility for a nice relaxing day in the black forest.

Our pathes are bituminised in order to gives you a safe way.

You can enjoy our hawks, eagles and owl and at the same time you are able to have a unique view over our landscapes. We provide a lot of rest areas and banks to relax. There is no hurry in our Park. And of course you can look to our beautiful birds.



In the middle of our park, we provide a nice lunch rest area. You can buy your food in our "Imbiss" (Best Wurst in Town) not far away from the rest area or you bring your own food. In cases of the latter, please take your litter with you.